What is Voat?

Voat is a tool that allows you to quickly create anonymous online votes and share them with people to gather opinions on choices.

I created this service on my own in about ten days. As a web developer, I always wanted to create a service that could save people time. I had previously created various small products, but I often faced challenges in the non-technical aspects after creating them, such as marketing.

This idea was born to solve that difficulty of mine. I wanted to replace existing vote creation services with a more intuitive and beautiful design. So, I immediately started developing it. Originally, I wanted to complete it within a week, but I found that there were more diverse ways and reasons for creating votes than I expected.

Some people may want to specify the duration of the vote, allow duplicate votes, fix the number of participants, or conduct private votes. Trying to meet all of those requirements took longer than expected.

Additionally, all votes are inherently ephemeral. Inspired by Instagram Stories, this idea designed that data from ended votes automatically disappears 24 hours later. If you believe that the results of a vote you created are meaningful, you can pay to preserve them permanently.

I came up with this idea with the intention of preserving only truly meaningful data in the flood of information. It's my hope that meaningful vote results are shared and not buried.

Creating vote topics is free and unlimited. I hope this service will be helpful to many people. Feedback is always welcome!