How to create an anonymous vote in 1 minute

Have you ever wanted to quickly find out people’s reactions online?

Voat allows you to quickly create votes right from your homepage. In this article, let’s find out how to create one and what features it has.

Basic Usage

Once you enter the homepage, you can create a vote right away. Enter your desired topic and options and click the button below to go directly to the voting place.

Select your desired option and click the vote button to complete your vote. That's it!


So what's so special about it? I tried to create a vote generator that would accommodate a variety of needs as much as possible. I created the following functions:

Free, Unlimited, No Login

All vote creation is free and you can create an unlimited number of topics. Also no login required.

Start and End Date

By default, voting starts as soon as you create it, but you can specify it to start at a scheduled time.

All voting lasts 7 days from the start date. You can change voting to be open for up to 1 month from the start date. After this period, voting will end and you will no longer be able to vote.

Delete data after closing

By default, all votes are permanently deleted 24 hours after they are closed. However, if you want to permanently preserve the topics that impressed you, you will need to make a one-time payment.

Duplicate votes

You can vote for multiple options up to three times.

Public votes

By default, you vote anonymously, but in some cases you may want to receive the voter's name.

Write-in vote

There may be times when you want to hear a variety of opinions from voters beyond the options provided by the creator. When that happens, allow write-in votes.

Hide result

Basically, you want voters to know what's going on right after they vote, but you might want to make the voting results public after the vote closes.

Fixed number of participants

You may only want to get as many votes as I want. If you specify 1,000 people, voting will end as soon as 1,000 people are reached before the deadline.

Private password

You can take a look at what voting is taking place on the Explore page. If you want to keep your votes private and only accessible to the people you want, set up a password.

Admin password

This is the key to permanently storing your votes and accessing a dashboard that provides more detailed analysis. If you did not enter the administrator password when creating, please contact wcgo2ling@gmail.com. We will verify that you created the correct one and then send you a new administrator password.

Anonymous comments

A comment function is also included to make people's reactions more realistic after voting or after voting ends.

It's your turn.

This is the end of the features introduced so far, but we plan to add many more features in the future based on your feedback. Feel free to use my service. Thank you!